Sustainability Kellective by nikki ethical handmade local jewellery

While we champion hard work and are always aiming to reach higher, grow and create change, we also do our best to foster mindful and sustainable practises and processes.  

We aim to work with an environmentally conscious made-to-order system. This means minimal waste and long-time love for our products. Working with gold fill and sterling silver means we offer our customers a product that can last years with proper care. These long-lasting materials continue to look beautiful day in, day out, even with years of wear - promoting a slower model of jewellery wear and consumption. As opposed to less durable jewellery which needs replacing after just a few wears, our pieces are made to be loved and made to last – no tarnish or discolouration.

In terms of product-making processes, we recycle ALL our scrap metal, and we are always looking for creative ways to use up imperfect pendants, so there is as little waste as possible. We abstain from plastic-use wherever possible and keep our packaging minimal and recyclable.  

KBN sustainability minimal waste practises ethical jewellery making