Maybe your family has grown or maybe you want to add a new symbol to represent a milestone or achievement.  Follow the instructions below to get the new pendant on your existing jewellery piece.

You will need:

            • pliers x 2
            • a steady hand

Step 1

Using both pairs of pliers hold either side of the jumpring so that the pliers are roughly at a 90 degree angle to each other.

Step 2

Twist one of the pliers away from you being very careful not to slip the pliers as you might scratch the pendant. 
Note: jumprings should always be twisted open and not opened by pulling the ends away from each other.

Step 3

Thread the chain into the jumpring making sure that the pendant will be facing the correct way.

Step 4

Holding the pliers in a straight line twist the ends of the jumpring back to the middle while pushing the ends together.  There should be friction when the ends move into place to ensure there's not gap at all.

Step 5

Double check to make sure that there's definitely no gap.  Remember the chain links are tiny so we need to prevent them from slipping through.
Remember if you're not confident you can always send to us to add to it for you, alternatively a local jeweller/watchmaker or Mister Minute would be able to do it for you very easily.