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Just like our Sofia pendant necklace, the Sofia Ring is a delicate small pendant made to softly curve around your finger. Add your own personal touch of love and memories with initials, a symbol, numbers or a baby birth blossom (see images). We love the dainty personalised Sofia Ring with our sparkling Becki ring or simple Jude ring.


Crafted with love in our sunny Brisbane studio, each KBN piece is hand cut, stamped, drilled, polished and assembled by our small team. As we create our jewellery by hand, there will always be variation in alignment and spacing. The beauty of this process is that each Kellective piece is unique to its wearer.

Naturally items worn on the hands are subject to scuffs and scratches. As our rings are dainty by design if you'd like to keep them looking their best we recommend occasional wear and use our polish pads (provided with each order) to give them a quick firm wipe before and after each wear.

  • Please see this link for our ring size chart.
  • Pendant on ring measures 9mm
  • All our pieces are made entirely of sterling silver, gold fill or rose gold fill. No cheap & nasties here!
  • Available in all 3 of our fonts!
  • There may be a colour difference on the back of the ring where it's been soldered.
  • You can add texture to any piece to add a little shimmer.  This will make the writing more subtle too.
  • Double check spelling & spacing as we stamp exactly as written.
  • If you'd like all upper case or lower case, start of names capitalised etc make sure your text is entered like this as we will stamp exactly how you've written it (unless the writing is curved and an uppercase or lowercase font has been chosen).

Gold fill jewellery is a great alternative to pure gold. It is created by pressure bonding a layer of gold to a base metal so has 100x more gold than gold plated and is nickel free. The finished product is a beautiful piece which won't chip, discolour or tarnish and will last many years. 


Sterling silver is a nickel free, precious metal and will naturally begin to tarnish over time, for some people much quicker than others. To remove tarnish or dirt use the little white polish pad provided with your order or for a more thorough clean use a silver cleaning solution. Please avoid wearing while swimming and take care while wearing in the heat as sun screen and perspiration can cause the tarnishing process to quicken.

If you are planning on purchasing for a gift we recommend to store in a airtight zip lock bag to prevent the air from tarnishing your piece.

If you need you can find more silver care info here.

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